About Prettywell

A leading online community serving women health, hygiene and beauty is born

Prettywell was born from the simple idea that women are putting themselves behind so much that they often cope with their health conditions. The only way they get support is through peers over the internet or through a family member. If you look closely, the journey on Internet is pretty cold as in most cases it is starting with a google blank page or a Wikipedia article. It is not ok that nowadays, with the technology at hand, some women are still in the dark about what can be done to have a better quality of life.
We believe women deserve a trustful place to share their healthcare and lifestyle stories, connect with peers and find together solutions.
Going to talk to consumers about their health or their lifestyle requires a legitimacy that corporations struggle to have because of resources or regulations.
As a non-profit association, P&W simply provide a voice platform for the women’s health community, helping millions of female patients put a name on symptoms, discuss hygiene and beauty topics, and drive them to solutions and services.

“P&W is a social network where we build a safe place to talk for women.
We are non-profit organisation, operating worldwide from Switzerland.
We animate on and offline groups of discussions regarding healthcare,
hygiene and beauty topics.
We will organise events to raise awareness of conditions, while also
inviting professionals to explain their views on several subjects.
More importantly, we are a community build by patients for patients.

Editorial Committee

Pretty & Well is governed by a committee that regroup every 3 months to adjust and define the strategy of the association. The main activities are communication campaigns and articles to leverage awareness on key topics that affect the wellbeing of women.

Members of the committee are elected for 12 months and have an active role in defending the values of the association.

  • President / Chief Editorial: Gunnel Berggren
  • Vice-president / Digital Lead: Haider Alleg
  • Secretary / Press Liaison: Stephanie Thomas
  • Treasurer / Sponsorship: Kristina Rychkova
  • Patient Groups Advocate: Eileen Schuch


We are customer & patient centric
What we do is about consumers and patients, to help them have a better quality of life and educate them on key issues. We believe in the power of the web to gather people around sensitive subjects.

We are ethical
We are a global, swiss based non-profit association, that raises money for its own platform and for the organisation of campaigns and events around women health, hygiene and beauty. We are organised around a manifesto written by the founders of the association and regulating our own conduit.

We are innovative
We use the latest innovation brought by the digital channels to help women better face their conditions and increase their quality of life.

We are passionate
We care and we want to unleash the energy of millions of women who want to find information, product, services. We want to talk about what matters (not only diseases) and to empower them to take actions.

We are open
We are interested to discover more from our community and to evolve, adapt and create together.

We are scientifically driven
Information can lead to behavior changes and as such, it is important to backup our messages with scientific expertise.


Transparency Statement

Prettywell is committed to ensuring transparency through open dialogue and accurate representation of our activities and policies.

Our guiding principles include:

  • Sharing accurate and useful information to our membership base
  • Ensuring the legitimacy of our membership base
  • Openness about our policies, standards, and performance
  • Providing information about our governing bodies
  • Transparency in our finances
  • Making sure information is comprehensible, relevant, accurate, and easy to find
  • Always behaving lawfully

How are we funded?

We are seeking funds from major brands willing to help consumers and patients to have a better quality of life. By putting together HCPs, caregivers and the women who need help, we are better suited to provoke a message and entertain it that what a brand could do. This is why we call their responsibility programs to fund our activities that are mainly online and through yearly events and congresses.

All funds leverage are used for organising the association and its content. The members and the editorial committee both pledged to not respect transparency and to disclose how the money is spent within the association.